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Tuning schemes

Systematic-chromatic tone arrangement

All hammered dulcimers by SaitenArt are equipped with the systematic-chromatic tone arrangement developed by Marc Ramser.

The notes C sharp, D sharp, F sharp, G sharp and B flat are marked with differently colored wood on the bridges, similar to the piano. With this visual aid the player can easily find his way in all scales.

Further innovations can be found in the tuning schemes. Contrary to the customary type of construction, these instruments have additional playing levels. Each note of the lower octave up to the c0 sharp can be played either next to the bridge or on the opposite side of the same chorus. This innovation optimises the hammer patterns; some of the distances between notes are actually reduced so that entire scales can be played in a smaller area.

For further details please consult the various tuning schemes. These can be viewed in two different ways: directly in a new browser window, or by downloading a PDF file.

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