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Pedal-operated muting system

Muting system

A hammered dulcimer or a santoor with a muting system is a special music instrument.

The secret of the muting mechanism developed by Marc Ramser lies in its simplicity. It functions reliably and allows a differentiated sound composition. The mute is an aluminum bar equipped with felt pads or wedges which, in its idle position, rests against the strings from below. Activating the foot pedal releases the bar. The foot pedal may also be locked if desired.

The muting system allows fascinating variations of the typical overtone sound spectrum of the hammered dulcimer and makes interesting sound effects possible also on the santoor. This opens up entirely new possibilities for the player to vary his percussion and rhythmic effects.


An elaborate and ingenious technique whereby all of the moveable metal parts are lined with special felt pads makes this entire system completely noiseless.

The production and fine-tuning of the mechanism require a high degree of precision and lots of patience.