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Links to websites with similar topics and about artists who play instruments from SaitenArt.

Winfried Burr
Practice for sound work—Winfried Burr uses for his work two sound-beds from SaitenArt.
Lisa Leicht
As Sound Therapist and also in her workshops, Lisa Leicht is working with Soundbed, Polychord and Santur from SaitenArt.
Remo Crivelli
Remo Crivelli plays his own experimental music on a specially designed hammered dulcimer from SaitenArt with the electronic sound pickup.
Barbara Schirmer
Barbara Schirmer presents her experimental music on a concert hammered dulcimer by Marc Ramser, SaitenArt, using a four-stick technique developed by Barbara herself.
Roland Schiltknecht
Since years Roland Schiltknecht plays on a bass hammered dulcimer from SaitenArt especially drafted for his individual wishes.
Nobi Lehmann
Nobi Lehmann plays a santoor from SaitenArt in the percussion trio Rhythmtalk.
Michel Nikita Pfister
Michel Nikita Pfister is the only wellknown hammered dulcimer player in the french part of Switzerland. Beside being a very good performer, he is also an expert on questions around this instrument in general.
Olga Mishula
Olga Mishula from Minsk is one of the best cimbali virtuosos and enraptures her audience with her exceptional musical expression and technique.
Rudi Zapf
Rudi Zapf—a hammered dulcimer virtuoso from Munich—organizes and presents the International Hammered Dulcimer Festival which has taken place in Munich every two years since 1989.
Töbi Tobler
The work of hammered dulcimer virtuoso Töbi Tobler is time and again a special expression of ingenious and innovative musical creation.
Hammered Dulcimer Association of Switzerland
On the web site of the Hammered Dulcimer Association of Switzerland you can find out all about the hammered dulcimer in Switzerland: news, addresses of teachers, and information on musical activities.
Gilbert Paeffgen
Gilbert Paeffgen