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Marc Ramser

Marc Ramser

The hammered dulcimer as a way of life

For me, constructing and playing a hammered dulcimer have been an important part of my life since the end of the 1970s. The development and improvement of this fascinating music instrument have become a central part of my activities.

The optimum synthesis of sound, aesthetics, form and practical application—in handling as well as for the evolvement of musical possibilities—are the characteristics of the music instruments that I develop today.

New developments

Special developments such as the chromatic note arrangement with the bass octave and the additional playing levels (see the tuning schemes), the pedal-operated muting system and the electronic sound pickup system are the reasons that my instruments have found such wide application in the most varied music styles.

Other music instruments

I love to construct instruments meeting the imagination and wishes of individual musicians. This is how the bass hammered dulcimer, the Persian santoor and the White Russian cymbali were developed, as well as the sound bed for use in sound therapy and the two polychord models.

Activities as musician and teacher

From 2005 to 2015 I worked as teacher for hammered dulcimer at Music School Konservatorium Zürich. Since 2008 I am teaching at Music School Köniz near Bern. Beside I receive my privat students at my home in Mamishaus.

A milestone in my musical career was my involvement in the event Acoustic Body Switzerland at the world fair Expo 2000 in Hannover (Germany).

Furthermore, I'm a founding member of the hammered dulcimer group TuneX which evolved from the event Acoustic Body Switzerland. TuneX is not existing anymore.


Born in Olten, Switzerland, in 1954; studied physical education at the University of Bern; was a Demeter farmer for 22 years; father of a daughter and a son.